SOME 2023 in Athens

We are glad to announce that AMPHITRITE had the opportunity to participate in the 8th International SOME Symposium (Ship Operations, Management and Economics) organized by the SNAME, the leading global society of naval architects in Athens, Greece.

Our Maritime & Ocean Data Manager, Artemis Ioannou, presented a paper entitled “Short-Term Optimal Ship Routing via Reliable Satellite Current Data” showcasing how high-resolution and reliable oceanic current maps retrieve from Satellite Ocean Data Fusion, can be harnessed to optimize ship routes.

Artemis highlighted how optimal ship routing systems require highly accurate oceanic data. Traditionally, routing strategies rely mainly on the outputs of operational oceanic models that cannot always guarantee the accurate prediction of surface currents. Today, our HIRES Currents data stemming from satellites can be relied on to reduce errors by more than a factor of two, both for a nowcast and short forecast scenarios. She also showcased a specific optimization example along a highly commercial shipping road in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, demonstrating the advantage of our method.

Our study shows that high reliability on the observed oceanic conditions allows for a short-term oceanic routing that can significantly optimize the ship’s voyage time as well as the ship’s fuel consumption and Carbon Intensity Indicator ratings. This low-cost/low-risk solution can be employed today to advance shipping decarbonization, a pressing issue highlighted by all presenters in the forum.

Overall, the conference featured an exciting mix of research and solutions in both ship design and operation, alternative fuels, digital twins and optimization methods. The shipping community is more than ever open to innovation, allowing it to reach decarbonization targets sooner.

At AMPHITRITE, we are committed to providing innovative solutions for shipping decarbonization, and we are excited to continue our efforts in contributing to a more sustainable future. Stay tuned for more updates on our technology and its impact on the shipping industry.


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