The roll-on/roll-off ship Ciudad de Cadiz, chartered by Airbus and operated by Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, has successfully tested our short-term optimal routing harnessing ocean currents. The captains on-board followed optimizations proposed by our Ocean Bulletin reducing fuel consumption by up to 5% !

Short Term Optimal Routing Case Study

On the 8th of April ’23, the Ciudad de Cadiz diverted a few tens of nautical miles north of the direct route between Sardinia and the Strait of Gibraltar, taking advantage of favourable currents and dodging counter-currents. This small course deviation increased the average speed from 16.5 to 17 knots over 36 hours, hitting a top speed of 18.2 knots without boosting engine power. The results, validated by AIS: an arrival time shortened by 70 minutes and a 5% decrease in fuel consumption!

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