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Help us drive shipping decarbonization in a growth-focused, innovation-based and remote-friendly environment.


At AMPHITRITE, our Paris-based, Ocean-Tech, Start-Up, we provide a new generation of Ocean Data to maritime stakeholders, in order to take the right decisions at sea. Through many years of research at the École Polytechnique we have developed methods harnessing Artificial Intelligence and fusing multiple satellite observations to provide reliable information. Our mission is impact-driven, seeking to drive the decarbonization of the shipping industry and help protect our oceans.

Large amounts of satellite data enter our servers every day and are processed by our R&D of team of engineers and data scientists. Structuring data and servers, as well as developing APIs for delivering information to our clients and end-users are some key challenges that AMPHITRITE seeks to resolve.

To this end, we are seeking a highly skilled and versatile Software Developer to join our growing team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in back-end development and experience in frontend design and will be motivated to drive our product’s interface through innovative ideas. In this role, you will be responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the backend infrastructure of our data-driven products and services as well as developping a minimalist web interface. This will include developing APIs, a web-based interface integrating with third-party platforms, and optimizing pipelines for efficiency and scalability.

To take on these responsibilities we are looking for a qualified engineer with the following skills:

Strong programming skills in Python and Backend Development

Experience with a web interface frameworks such as Django, Flask, Node.js, React.js

Additional frontend (Javascript) or backend (e.g. C#, Java) expertise is a plus

Experience with API development and integration (e.g. REST)

Strong problem-solving and communication skills, working autonomously and in a team

If you are wondering what joining AMPHITRITE means, this is what we are constantly seeking

Innovation, to create new solutions while learning and growing together in the process.

Initiative, to step out of the comfort zone, demonstrate leadership and take creative action.

Fulfilment from pursuing each ones passions to bring a sense of meaning in our work.

In addition, working with us would mean an opportunity of personal growth and development in the high-tech environment of a prestigious French engineering institution. Open communication and recognition of the contributions of our members as well as flexible remote work arrangements create a pleasant work experience.

If you meet these qualifications and are excited about the opportunity to work with a dynamic and driven team, we encourage you to apply. We can’t wait to see what you can bring to the table!


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