Founder & Production Manager


Biogeochemistry, Numerical Modelling of the Ocean, Oceanic Eddy Detection, Real-Time Processing Chain, Database Management, and Full-cooked Pie Warning System


My oceanographic journey began at the turn of the century, driven by a fascination with the crucial role of greenhouse gases in our planet’s destiny. As an academic researcher, I’ve wielded a microscope in one hand and a satellite lens in the other to unravel the intricate dance between CO2 and the ocean’s surface. My passion lies in the enchanting Mediterranean Sea, where I’ve delved into the mesmerising world of mesoscale eddies. In academic research, I developed models and software to decode these oceanic mysteries. Today, I put my scientific passion at the service of the energy transition. I believe that scientists have an essential role to play in this revolution. This belief led me to co-found AMPHITRITE, a venture aimed at translating academic knowledge into real-world solutions for a sustainable future.


Selected publications

  •  B. Le Vu, A. Stegner, T. Arsouze «Angular Momentum Eddy Detection and tracking Algorithm (AMEDA) and its application to coastal eddy formation » J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol, v.35, 739-762, (2018) https://doi:10.1175/JTECH-D-17-0010.1


  • Le Vu B., B. Vinçon-Leite, B.J. Lemaire, et al. High-Frequency Monitoring of Phytoplankton Dynamics within the European Water Framework Directive: Application to Metalimnetic Cyanobacteria. Biogeochemistry 106:229-242. 2011
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